Mr. and Mrs. Taylor made their home in Anacortes in the late 1940’s. They devoted their lives to raising their five children and being active in the community. Bill, a teacher, coach and administrator at Anacortes High School, was instrumental in mentoring, role modeling and providing support to students throughout his career. These students often needed an extra push to convince themselves that they could meet or exceed their potential. Ho, who met Bill while attending the University of Washington, was the daughter of a doctor and nurse in Butte, Montana. While working at a local jewelry store, Ho was instrumental in raising her five children and raising money to improve the value of the local hospital in Anacortes. Mr. and Mrs. Taylors son and daughter in law Rob and Alison Taylor dedicate this scholarship in the honor of Bill and Ho’s dedication to family and community.

This is a two-year scholarship.  To receive the second-year scholarship, the recipient must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 while in college and submit his/her request letter and first year transcripts for continuation by July 20th.