The Harry W Kegel and James Lewis Rumsey Family Endowment was created by the family of these two men to fund this scholarship in honor of two men who understood the value of education and were important figures in Anacortes School District history.

James Lewis Rumsey was born in 1888 and moved to Anacortes in 1916.  He owned and operated a trucking company originally named Rumsey Wood Delivery, which served the then-booming saw mill and pulp industries.  Mr. Rumsey was an avid supporter of Anacortes schools and served as an Anacortes School Board member during the 1930s. He was also active in various community organizations including Eagles, Skagit Grange, Rosario Grange and the Teamsters Union. He is depicted in two of Anacortes’ Mural Project scenes near the Port of Anacortes. Mr. Rumsey had three children, including Alice Rumsey who married Harry Kegel at the family home on 11th Street in 1933. JL passed away in 1957 and was always remembered by his friends and family for his good humor and his generous spirit.  

Harry William Kegel (son-in-law to JL Rumsey) was an educator for 45 years.  In 1921, at the age of 14, Harry landed his first teaching job when the school board overseeing the one room Squaw Creek Schoolhouse he attended in Stevens County could not find a replacement for an ill teacher. So they selected Harry to serve as the substitute for several weeks.  At the encouragement of his teachers, he eventually did finish high school and subsequently graduated from Eastern Washington Normal School in 1928. As a certified teacher, his first “real” teaching assignment brought him to Anacortes. Since this was the depression era, he and five other young unmarried male teachers, including Kirvin Smith (in whose memory ASF also awards an annual scholarship) formed a “Bachelor’s Group” to conserve expenses.

Mr. Kegel taught both junior and senior high school and in 1936 he became principal of the old Nelson School located at 29th and Commercial. In 1939, he accepted a position as principal of an elementary school in Bremerton, Washington and soon thereafter was transferred to the brand new elementary school in town, where he remained until his retirement in 1971. That school was then renamed Kegel Elementary, in his honor.  Shortly after retirement, Harry and his wife Alice returned to Anacortes to be close to family. In his free time, Harry loved to fish and garden.  At the age of 90, he won a “Best of Show” award at a Seattle garden club competition.  Mr. Kegel passed away in 1998 at the age of 91.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Graduating Senior
  • Fields of Advance study:  Education, Science, Teaching Mathematics