Joe Fox was raised in a log-framed cedar home on Trafton Lake, a hidden woodland paradise on the south end of Fidalgo Island. The outdoor environment in which he was raised played a significant role in his upbringing, crafting a young man drenched in adventurous spirit. As recreational enthusiast, the outdoor environment became Joe’s playground. As such, he spent a majority of his leisure time blazing trails through the adjacent emerald forests and roaming the placid waters of his treasured lake. When his friends showed up to visit him at his home, they all knew first to look out at the lake, where they often found him swimming, sailing, fishing or canoeing. As a catalyst for life’s voyage, Joe was preparing to attend the University of Hawaii in the fall following his graduation. Joe’s plans would change abruptly, however, when tragedy struck in the summer between his junior and senior year. On June 26,1988, Joe’s life was tragically taken by a drunk driver. Joe was a young man who always enjoyed life

to the fullest, but he is also remembered for the big heart he had for others in need. His mother, who taught high-risk teens, established this fund in her son’s memory. Keith Anderson, a school counselor, contributed to this fund for many years, as well as his wife Donna Anderson. Keith, like Joe, had a compassion for those with fewer resources. Joe’s family continues to memorialize Joe with this scholarship. 

Scholarship Criteria

  • The recipient is a student who has shown outstanding improvement from his/her own initiative.