Students in the Anacortes School system are privileged to have many opportunities available to them that may not be possible in larger or smaller schools. This scholarship rewards those who take advantage of the opportunities for broadening their lives by participating in a wide variety of activities while maintaining high academics. He/she would be the type of student who would be expected to continue that involvement into college and adulthood, gaining broad perspectives, and bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and passions.

This Award is established by Rene and Paul Vance and honors Rene’s brother Brian Vincent, who was a National Merit Scholar, and was active in track, wrestling, band and drama in high school. He was an eagle scout and counselor at Boy Scout camp. He went on to run on the cross country and track teams at a Division I university, but tragically lost his life in a plane crash before graduating.

The scholarship seeks to encourage graduates of Anacortes High School to attend college and pursue their hopes and dreams.  

Selection Criteria

  1. Anacortes High School graduate
  2. Citizen of the United States
  3. Be of high academic standard (3.5 GPA or above)
  4. Be actively* involved in a broad variety of activities with preference (but not limited) to involvement in sports, music, drama). (*actively = at least 3 years during high school, and a significant contributor or captain
  5. Be of high moral standard and a “friend to many”
  6. Show leadership capabilities
  7. Financial need is NOT a criteria
  8. Limited by gender – 1 award annually to a female student and 1 award annually to a male student