Floyd A. Willette was born and raised in Anacortes. He graduated from Anacortes High School where he excelled in football and boxing, but his real passion was baseball and it remained so throughout his life.

After enlisting in the Navy, he was stationed in San Diego and played baseball on the Navy Station team. Later, he was signed by the Seattle Rainier’s farm team. Now, well on his way to a professional baseball career as a pitcher, it unfortunately was cut short by a career ending elbow injury.

Floyd had the opportunity for a 4 year college degree, but family and life pre-empted. He felt strongly in the value of sports, not just the physical aspect, but also for the confidence building sports can give, organizational skills and learning to be part of a team. These attributes enabled him to become a respected and successful business owner in Anacortes. He always felt that he could have benefitted from at least 2 years of college. He knew the importance of higher education, and the difficulty it is for some students to have the chance to pursue their careers.  This scholarship was established to support a student who wouldn’t otherwise had a chance to attend post-secondary school education.

Selection Criteria

  • Financial need
  • Graduating senior attending 2-year WA state community or technical college
  • Positive relationships with classmates and teachers
  • Positive role model
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Consideration given to upward trend in grades