The STEM Committee of Anacortes Schools Foundation raises funds for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) Enrichment programs in Anacortes School District. These funds support the following annual activities:

4th GradeElectricity and Magnetism. All district fourth graders take a field trip to the Spark Museum in Bellingham as part of their study of electricity and magnetism

5th GradeMarine Ecosystems. Students spend a full day at Rosario Beach studying tide pools, marine ecosystems and further examine marine life led by practicing marine biologists.

2017 kidwind 900

Middle School (6th, 7th & 8th grade)

6th GradeKidWind. A program where student teams pursue an engineering project focusing on renewable energy. Students apply creativity, collaboration, design, inquiry and testing to create a wind turbine. These turbines are tested for their efficiency in producing energy in controlled environment wind tunnel. Students are required to document their successes/failures and adjustments and formally present their results. The results are compared within the district and against schools nationwide.

Planetarium Bubbles—In association with their study of the solar system, all 8th graders experience a lesson in the portable planetarium bubbles from the Pacific Science Center.

High School

Anacortes High School Robotics Team has provided workshops for STEM Camp and assisted in other STEM fundraising activities. The result is that donations have been made back to this program in recognition of their involvement and leadership. The team has as many as 90 students in its program annually.

Career Day—In February, all high school students select four of 35 career seminars offered where practicing professionals describe their work and what it took to get there.