Mountain School is a nationally recognized environmental education program offered by North Cascades Institute in cooperation with North Cascades National Park.

Each fall, Anacortes 5th graders from Mt Erie, Island View and Fidalgo Elementary Schools attend a 3-day program with their school class, teacher and chaperones to learn about the ecosystems and natural and cultural history of the mountains.

While at Mountain School students spend a majority of their time outside, hiking on trails and exploring the watersheds, forests, plants and wildlife of the North Cascades ecosystems first-hand through interdisciplinary activities in science, math, art, social studies and conservation. Mountain School gives young people a hands-on learning experience they will remember forever.

2018 mountain school

In the past, funding for Mountain School has come from a number of sources and prices to attend have varied by school. In an effort to make this important program accessible and affordable to all our students, ASF is stepping up to help cover the $30,000 annual price tag.

We hope to cover costs for several years and have committed to “Raise the Paddle” at our December 1, 2018 “Dream It” Dinner Auction in support.

North Cascades Institute inspires and empowers environmental stewardship for all through transformative educational experiences in nature. Since 1986, we have helped connect people, nature and community through the hands-on study of the natural and cultural history of the Pacific Northwest.

North Cascades Environmental Learning Center is a hub of discovery for all ages in one of the wildest, most biologically diverse landscapes in North America. From our campus on Diablo Lake, you can explore cascading streams, wildflower meadows, old-growth forests and a rich Northwest history.