scholarship ceremony 2017 0531

The Anacortes Schools Foundation handed out 74 scholarships to graduating seniors and former graduates during a ceremony on May 31 at Brodniak Hall. The scholarships, worth more than $160,000, are due to generous donations from the community.

Here’s a list of the scholarships and recipients.

  • Bill and Dorothy “Ho” Taylor Scholarship: Claire Martin;
  • Tesoro Community Scholarship: Aspen Eagle, Andrea Spurling, Derek Vance, Eric Olson, Jacob Bright;
  • Brar Science Scholarship: Heather Rolph;
  • Trident Seafoods Scholarship: Michael Aydellotte;
  • Island Hospital Scholarship In Memory of S.A. “John” Carabba: Rachel Stout, Kaitlyn Ware;
  • Joe Fox Award: Matthew Frost, Gabriella Zavala;
  • Jack & Vi Frisk Scholarship: Kimberly Meyer;
  • KaNDe Scholarship: Ruby Browning;
  • Shell Puget Sound Refinery Community Scholarship: Angela Kline, Noah Hieb, Rebecca Bateman, Jamie Henderson, Andrew Wilson; 
  • Ann W. Nord Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Stephanie Sherman;
  • Nathan Estvold Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Conrardy;
  • Anacortes Sister Cities Association Scholarship: Amy Winslow, Maria Dale;
  • Friends of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands Scholarship: Dylan Fox, Tristan Munich, Julia Soes;
  • Fidalgo Island Rotary/Connie Kelly Scholarship:  Jacob Johnson, Lyssa Petitclerc;
  • Anacortes Rotary Club Scholarship: Savannah Zullo;
  • Tom Stowe Memorial Scholarship: Lyssa Petticlere;
  • Larkworthy Engineering Scholarship: Lydia Weddle;
  • Richard and Marjorie Waldron Memorial Scholarship: Paige Mooney;
  • Love Like Noah Scholarship: Jackson Freier;
  • Greg Horak Memorial Scholarship: Arizona Weeks;
  • Hsu Family Scholarship: Lauren Boelke;
  • Frances M. Hyland Scholarship: Juliann Conrardy;
  • Deskin Scholarship: Whitney Hogge, Danielle Olsen, Holland Farr , Peter Correa, Olivia White, Nichole McInerny;
  • Floyd Willette Scholarship:  John MacKinnon;
  • Arnold & Cressa Houle Memorial Scholarship: Tristan Munich;
  • Richard Bliss White Scholarship: Lauren Medcalf;
  • Jack L. Symonds Memorial Scholarship: Jesse Keltner;
  • Kris Lytton Scholarship: Amy Tiland Niebruegge;
  • Lynn Dragovich Memorial Scholarship: Pearl Tottenham;
  • Okerlund Family Trust Scholarship: Sierra Scampher, Lydia Weddle, Sally Vaux;
  • STEM Scholarship: David Rodriguez, Elliott Briefer, Eli Moore, Emma Reidel, Maetja Verbardense;
  • Rosa Walrath Memorial Librarian Scholarship: Jaime Zullo;
  • Cooke Aquaculture Pacific Scholarship: Aaliyah Cervantes;
  • Harry W. Kegel and James Lewis Rumsey Scholarship: Zoe Hill;
  • Harold H. “Bud” Turner Scholarship: Dylan Fox;
  • Jim Rice Memorial Scholarship: Cecelia Mathias;
  • Temcov Foundation Scholarship: Sabrina Poor, Pearl Tottenham, Jaycee Pillman, Ellie Harrison, Brad Miller;
  • Kirvin Smith Memorial Scholarship: McKenna Nations-Pearson;
  • Bill Wells Memorial Scholarship: Ajaycee Pillman;
  • Dr. Malcolm Snyder Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Arroya-Sanchez, Jacqueline Favors;
  • Mildred Arndt Memorial Art Scholarship: Orianna Harper; Ruby Lindsey;
  • Anacortes Schools Foundation Scholarship: Savanah Zullo, Hannah Kaleel.

The Anacortes Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization whose mission is to foster excellence in education by supporting our local schools. The Foundation governed by a volunteer board representing a cross-section of the community.

The Foundation manages scholarship endowments totaling more than $2.6 million. The Foundation also funds a variety of school STEM enrichment programs, as well as scholarships for pre-schoolers who need tuition help, and has fulfilled teacher grant requests.

The Foundation raises funds from an all-ages “Fueling Education Fun Run,” sponsored by the Shell Puget Sound Refinery, in September. The Foundation supports STEM programs with the “Celebrate the Season” holiday event each December.